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 Love Comes Softly

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PostSubject: Love Comes Softly   Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:02 pm

"If you could just marry me and help me raise my daughter for a year i promise i will pay your plane ticket back home if your not happy."

Gina Marie Cunningham awoke with tears streaming down her face, it had only been a day since she heard those words coming from a man by the name of Randy who was a stranger to her but she had agreed to his offer knowing she had no choice being without a place to live after her boyfriend Austin was killed in a car accident a few weeks prior. "Austin i miss you so much, i will never let myself love another man"

Cries from the next bedroom interrupted Gina's thoughts she made herself get out of bed the events from the day before still a fog in her head. she remembered Randy coming to her with the offer she couldn't turn down, she remembered standing before a preacher and marrying a man she didn't even know, then she remembered coming into Randy's house and meeting his 2 month old daughter Brooklyn.

Brooklyn was crying from her crib Gina took the baby in her arms and held her close to soothe her crying, she was not a mother herself but she was with child only a few months along and she knew from experience with her nieces and nephews how to care for a child. Brooklyn's cries stopped as Gina walked her around the room whispering everything was going to be alright into the child's ear. Brooklyn was too young to understand everything wasn't going to be okay she just knew Gina was there for her now.

Gina turned when she heard someone clear their throat from the doorway of the nursery, Randy was standing there watching as she tried to soothe Brooklyn who had now fallen back to sleep. placing her back inside her crib Gina tucked the covers around her small body. "I am starting my first day back at work tomorrow." Randy told her as she left the nursery.

"Will you be going into town today? your a good father but from i could tell last night your not much of a cook considering there is no food." Gina told him.

"I cook but since my wife passed away during the delivery of Brooklyn i have not cooked, just did take outs." Randy told her he looked down at the table which they were both now sitting at.

"I am sorry, i didn't know." Gina told him as she looked down as well, so he knew what she was going through loosing someone he loved "You've had some help raising Brooklyn though i am sure if your just now offering me this."

"Yeah my mom was helping out but she took on a job that she starts next week, i could have just got a babysitter but you know it is lonely here just Brook and i." Randy said he was now looking into her eyes which his deep blue eyes they reminded her of Austin's eyes which caused her to look back down.

"You were friends with my fiance weren't you?" Gina asked him as she played with the engagement ring on her finger.

"Yeah, i went out on the road with him a lot when i had time off from work." Randy told her "he called me the night he found out you were having a baby."

"So you know about that?" Gina asked as she chewed on her bottom lip "I was going to tell you but not until i started to show, i am glad you knew you were taking on me and a unborn child."

"Tell you what, i will stay here with Brooklyn and you can take my car and go to the store so you know what your getting." Randy told her as he handed her the keys to his Mustang that set out in the driveway.

"Are you being serious?" Gina asked as she looked him in the eyes, they really were a beautiful color of blue she shook her head though making herself forget that thought.

"Your my wife and for a year what is mine is yours." Randy told her before his cell phone began to ring "Gotta take this call but you can take my wallet too, it is laying on the counter."

Gina looked at him for a second not believing what he was telling her, as guilty as she felt taking his wallet she did as he told her. driving through town she let tears stream freely down her cheeks as she thought of Austin the love of her life that had been taken from her life in the blink of a eye. Randy on the other hand was taking her and her unborn child with another man into his home and offering a roof over her head and food on the table.

Her cell phone went off bringing her thoughts back to being inside the car, she looked down and saw it was her brother Billy calling her she smiled before answering "Hey bubba i miss you so much."

"I miss you too but i will be home off from the road tomorrow night for a few weeks." Billy told her "What is this i hear you got married yesterday??"

"It is a confusing story." Gina said with a sigh word got around fast in a small town but her brother Billy and his wife Barbara were friends with everyone in town.

"You can tell me about it tomorrow night, sounds like Randy is treating my sister good but can you handle this situation so soon after loosing Austin?" Billy asked.

"I had no other choice, Johnny and Wanda are letting Nick move into the house so i had nowhere to go." Gina told her brother.

"You could have stayed with Barbara and i." Billy told her they lived in a two bedroom home and the second bedroom would soon be taken up by her 13 year old niece.

"I didn't want to bother you and i was planning to go back home to mom and dad before Randy came to me." Gina told her brother.

"Hey, stop by Barbara's work today, your birthday gift from me arrived." Billy said changing the subject.

"My birthday is not til next month." Gina reminded him.

"Just do what i say for once please?" Billy laughed "Listen i gotta go but i will see you tomorrow night."

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PostSubject: Re: Love Comes Softly   Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:24 pm

Randy lay asleep on the couch with Brooklyn asleep on his chest when Gina came in from grocery shopping, she smiled at the father and daughter and she found herself snapping a picture of the two the flash of the camera woke Randy who looked at her and smiled while blushing "She was getting cranky so i laid down to put her to sleep and fell asleep." he told her as he allowed Gina to take Brooklyn from his arms.

"You don't have to apologize to me." Gina told him with the first smile at him since they met the day before, she carried Brooklyn to the nursery and put her to bed when she came back into the living room Randy was putting groceries away.

"I can do that." Gina told him as she began to help unload the bags of food she had brought in, his hand brushed against hers and she jumped a little he looked then laughed at her causing her to laugh as well.

"You don't have to be so jumpy around me." Randy told her as he continued to laugh "I'm just a down home country boy like every other guy round these parts of Tennessee."

Gina starred into his eyes knowing he was right, she needed to relax around him her eyes then trailed down to her hand where the wedding ring he had slipped on her hand the day before rested "I am sorry, it's just for the past year I've never really been around another man like this other than Austin."

"I am not asking you to have sexual experiences with me, just help me raise my baby girl." Randy told her "You have to remember i have lost someone i love as well."

"That makes me feel some better." Gina told him with a smile "I am sorry it has been so awkward between us."

"I understand completely." he told her "Like i promised if your not happy here in a year then i will buy your plane ticket back home."

Gina stood there looking at him wondering if it was possible that she could be happy after a year of living with this man and raising his daughter. It was possible but she could not see herself being happy with him, not so soon after loosing Austin. the groceries were out away Gina stifled a yawn as she set down at the kitchen table "Go take a bao and i will take care of dinner, your an expected mother and need your rest."

"But i am the woman of the house and i should be taking care of dinner." Gina argued with him.

"Yeah well the woman of the house needs her rest to remain healthy for her unborn child." Randy told her as he pushed her towards her room.

"Were you this way with Brooklyn's mom?" Gina asked him from the doorway.

"Yeah, drove her crazy." Randy laughed "I will wake you when dinner is finished, if you hear Brooklyn don't get up i will get her."

Gina closed her bedroom door shaking her head while laughing, Randy fussed over her pregnancy the same way Austin had. laying down on the bed she realized just how tired she really was the pregnancy was taking a toll on her. "Austin honey i love you and thank you for sending Randy to care for me and our baby, i know you had something to do with what is going on and i thank you

Randy entered Gina's room 4 hours later she was still sleeping soundly he watched as she slept, in a way she looked so much like Brooklyn's mom he hated to wake her but he also didn't want her dinner to get cold. he touched her arm gently and rubbed it when she opened her eyes he smiled "Dinner is ready."

"Okay give me a few seconds to brush out my hair then i will be there." Gina told him before she watched him leave the room he was wearing jeans, no shirt and was barefoot.

Gina brushed her hair up then tied it up into a ponytail, she walked into the kitchen where Randy was fixing her plate of food while country music played from the radio. He set her plate before her bbq chicken, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes "You weren't lying when you said you could cook." she laughed.

"I did most of the cooking around here, Samantha was not much of a cook but she was a good wife." Randy sighed shaking his head "I miss her so much."

"I know what you mean." Gina whispered as she thought of Austin.

"Maybe things happened the way they did so you and i could heal one another with laughter and friendship." Randy shrugged his shoulders.

"I have been thinking that same thing." Gina agreed with him "My brother is coming in tomorrow night off the road." she changed the subject.

"Billy?" Randy asked her before he lowered his head knowing he had spilled the beans on something he shouldn't have.

"Alright what do you know that i don't know?" Gina asked laying down her fork and starring him down.

"Your brother is married to my mom." Randy told her "I wasn't at the wedding because i was away that day and I've never been around when you were visiting him."

"I'm not mad about this, just wish you had told me." Gina assured him "Anything else your hiding from me?"

"No you know everything now thanks to my big mouth." Randy laughed causing Gina to smile his laugh was contagious so she started to laugh.
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PostSubject: Re: Love Comes Softly   Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:09 pm

She's still wearing my ring
It hasn’t left her finger since the night that I proposed
When I promised her forever before I took her home
But I never made it home that night
A part of her died too
I watched her losing her mind
And there’s nothing I can do
Yeah sometimes she goes crazy screaming out my name
Saying baby please come and save me
I wish she knew I’d do anything

Tears streamed down Gina's cheeks as she rocked Brooklyn to sleep that night, Austin was on her mind as she listened to Brantley Gilbert's voice coming from the radio. Randy walked into the nursery to hand her Brooklyn's blanket seeing her tears broke his heart "I'm sorry the accident took him away from you."

"It is going to be so hard to get over him no longer being here." Gina said through her tears "Does the pain get better?" her tear filled eyes were now looking up at him.

"I'm not going to say the pain stops because it will always be there but it get easier to deal with." Randy said as he looked towards the picture of his wife that set on a table beside Brooklyn's crib.

"Brooklyn looks like you so that is a good thing, your not reminded of her mom when she gets older." Gina told him.

"Your have a point there." Randy smiled as he took a sleeping Brooklyn from Gina's arms and placed her on the crib. Gina stood and walked towards the doorway of the nursery "would you like to sit outside and talk?"

"Yeah that sounds relaxing." Gina smiled at him "I will pour us a glass a tea and meet you on the front porch." Randy watched as she walked away his heart fluttered every time he saw her but it was wrong to fall in love with someone so soon after losing Brooklyn's mom.

Gina stepped out onto the front porch barefoot wearing a pair of lounging pants and a white tee tank, she set down beside Randy handing him his glass of tea she could hear Brantley Gilbert playing from Randy's Iphone that set in his lap.

"My brother got me Brantley Gilbert tickets for a early Birthday gift." Gina said as she played with a loose string on her tee tank "Would you like to go to the concert with me?"

"Yeah i think we need a night out like that, i would have to find someone to watch Brooklyn." Randy smiled towards her.

"I am sure i can talk my brother into watching her." Gina laughed "And your right, we need a night away from the things that happened lately."

"It's just two people going as friends having fun." Randy said as he looked down and spotted the wedding ring he had given her.

"Two married friends?" Gina asked with a giggle "works for me considering the situation right now."

"Yeah." Randy said as he turned his attention back to starring straight ahead, he knew he was feeling more for her than just friends in just the few short days he had been around her she shared his last name and was helping raise his daughter.

"Something bothering you?" Gina asked after a few minutes of silence between them.

"Nah, just thinking how when i married Brooklyn's mom i never dreamed she would leave me so soon and how Brook will never know her real mom." Randy told her half of it was true.

"I never thought i would be marrying another man and helping raise his daughter just a few weeks after loosing Austin." Gina told him "But things happen that nobody never expects, you live each day to the fullest because you never know when it will be your last."

"I've been told that so many times over the years, truth is i was such a bad boy when i was a teen up til the day i met Brooklyn's mom." Randy sighed "I did drugs, did too much drinking but when i met her she changed me, i still drink from time to time but not like i did before i met her."

"It is good you turned your life around." Gina told him "Nobody needs to live a life of hell. but i guess all guys go through their days of raising hell."

"Would you have agreed to marry me if i had not been a changed man?" Randy dared to ask her.

"Yeah i still would have because even though you still look like a bad boy on the outside i saw the heart inside." Gina told him "besides i am not so sweet and innocent myself."

"You've got to be kidding me." Randy said with a small laugh "Your every guys perfect girl, almost like a angel."

"I cuss and i drink from time to time." Gina told him with a smile "Not many know that when they first meet me because i come off as a sweet innocent good girl."

"You had me fooled." Randy laughed before she playfully smacked him.

"You have a really nice place here." Gina smiled as she breathed in the smell of the woods surrounding both sides of the log cabin.

"I fell in love with this place when i bought the land." Randy told her "took me a few years before i could build the house til then i lived in a double wide."

"You made a nice home for your family." Gina told him she felt a breeze hit her and she shivered a little.

"The breeze feels nice but it's getting kind of chilly" Randy told her as he stood to his feet then offered her his hand to help her stand.

Gina and Randy walked inside both sitting down on the couch but at opposite ends "My feet are killing me." Gina said with a sigh.

"I can massage them if you want." Randy told her as found something to watch on the television and patted his lap for her to place her feet.

"You wouldn't mind?" Gina asked him as she stretched her legs out letting her feet rest in his lap "I should have had surgery done on the other foot but i didn't."

"I don't mind." Randy told her "I will do anything to make you comfortable here as long as you ask."

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PostSubject: Re: Love Comes Softly   Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:20 pm

Gina opened her eyes to the sound of Brooklyn crying as she neared the nursery though she could hear Randy was already in the room singing her as he walked her around the room she smiled at them from the doorway "You have a nice voice." she said and he turned shocked to find her there.

"Your being ridiculous." Randy said with a laugh "Can you fix her a bottle for me while i try to calm her down?"

Gina left the doorway of the nursery heading towards the kitchen, Randy was shirtless wearing a pair of lounging pants that she guessed he had thrown on when he heard Brooklyn. she had awoke on the couch guessing she had fallen asleep there watching Television and he had hated to wake her. Heading back into the nursery with a bottle Randy was now sitting in the rocker starring down at his baby girl.

"She is a daddies girl for sure." Gina said as she stood behind Randy placing her hands on his shoulders "I feel sorry for whoever wants to date her."

"I am all she knows but she is starting to get attached to you being around." Randy said before he yawned.

"Why don't you let me take over her and you go back to bed." Gina told him "4:00 in the morning comes early and you go back to work tomorrow."

Randy stood and handed Brooklyn and her bottle to Gina he smiled at her before he left the room thankful she was letting him get some rest. crawling into bed he looked at the picture of Brooklyn's mom beside his bed he was not over her but Gina was slowly starting to take her place in his heart after just a few short days of knowing her.

Gina was awake at 4:00 when Randy got up to get ready for work, he found her in the kitchen fixing him a sandwich with a bag of chips for his lunch. "You didn't have to do that." He told her as he made himself a cup of coffee.

"I couldn't go back to sleep after feeding Brooklyn." Gina told him as she watched him closely.

"Something wrong?" Randy asked her as he noticed her eyes on him.

"I am starting to think there is a guy out there so close to being Austin it is scaring me and i am finding myself falling for him." Gina said as she stepped towards him.

"Considering i am the only guy you've been around since his death i assume that guy would be me?" Randy left the question hanging in the air between them

"Your a smart guy." Gina giggled a little "Things are so weird between us though considering you lost Brooklyn's mom and i lost Austin."

"Yeah but it doesn't have to be that way." Randy told her "We get along really well with one another, were just afraid to touch one another."

"Are you ready to allow yourself to touch another woman?" Gina asked him

"In time yes i think i will be ready." Randy told her before he grabbed his lunch and headed out the door leaving Gina wondering if she could allow herself to touch another man.

That afternoon Gina stood in her bedroom fussing with her hair when Randy came in from work, she heard him throw his keys onto the counter then heard as his boots made their way up the stairs, she saw him stop in her door and watched for a second "I think it look better down." he told her

"Really?" Gina asked him as she turned to face him letting her hair fall back into place down her back.

"Yeah, i have always liked long hair on women." Randy smiled towards her "what time are we meeting your brother and his wife for dinner?"

"Six so i guess you should shower and get dressed yourself, i will dress Brooklyn." Gina told him she brushed against his arm as she walked out of the room the scent of her perfume filling his nostrils. she wore a pair of low cut jeans and a pink tee tank she was the perfect country girl.

Rand showered and dress in a pair of jeans a white tee shirt his hair was wet when he came into the living room where Gina was getting Brooklyn's diaper bag together. she turned and looked at him a smile spreading across her face "You look nice tonight."

"Just a pair of jeans and a white shirt." Randy laughed as he picked Brooklyn up from where she lay on the couch and he placed her in her baby carrier.

"Yeah but it's the way the clothes fit you." Gina told him "Something about these pelham boys and the way they dress turn me on."

"Your not looking to bad yourself tonight mrs Smith." Randy said as he stepped towards her, they were against one another bodies touching before they knew what was going on they were kissing and it was much better than the kiss they shared a few days before when they got married.

"Wow." was all Gina could say as he stepped back away from her his blue eyes looking into hers.

"Should we be getting this close?" Randy asked he reached his hand out and began to play with her hair.

"If we we shouldn't then i don' t think the kiss would have happened." Gina told him she studied his face and his blue eyes were shining.

"Your right." Randy agreed with her "We should be going, we don't want to be late."

Gina watched as Randy got his keys and lifted Brooklyn's carrier off the floor heading towards the car, things were happening fast but Gina didn't want things to slow down. she got into the passenger seat of the mustang and leaned her head against the back of the seat closing her eyes.

"Tired?" Randy wanted to know as he slipped his hand inside hers

"Being pregnant can do that to a woman." Gina said she turned her head and looked at him and smiled, he smiled back at her then raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.

"We make a good couple." Gina told him.

"I was going to say the same thing." Randy told her

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PostSubject: Re: Love Comes Softly   Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:35 pm

Gina kicked her shoes off at the door as Randy carried Brooklyn into the house and put her into bed, Gina was standing at the kitchen counter filling a glass of sweet tea when she felt Randy wrap his arms around her waist from behind, he began to kiss the back of her neck sending shivers down her spine as she turned to face him her lips meeting his. Randy smiled before he lifted her into his arms and began to carry her towards his bedroom his lips never leaving a part of her body.

Randy lay her onto his bed kissing her lips before he got off the bed and walked over to the radio pressing play on the remote finding the song he wanted he joined her back on the bed pulling his shirt off with each step he take, from the bed she smiled towards him but in her mind she wondered if she was ready for this.

A whisper away from changin' everything
But is it safe to say
Such dangerous things
When your hands are tremblin

"Trust me please." Randy whispered against her lips "I would never dream of hurting you Gina."

"I trust you." Gina said against his lips before she kissed them as her hands ran down to his jeans where she began to unbutton them, she pushed them from his waist and with the help of him they were off and he was in his boxers which she also slid down his hips.

Girl I'm weak in the knees
It's times like these when silence means everything
More than anything
So fall when you're ready baby

"Fall into me." he said against her neck as he kissed it while his hand focused on pulling her tee tank from her stomach and chest.

"I've already fallen and there is no turning back." Gina told him her eyes closed as she let his fingers remove her bra from her.

That night they made love for the first time and it felt so good for Gina, Randy knew every spot that drove her crazy she fell asleep in his arms naked when the alarm went off at 4 that morning Gina felt Rj kiss her bare shoulders before he got out of bed.

"Need me to pack you a lunch?" Gina asked as she watched him slip into a pair of boxers.

"How bout you and Brooklyn meet me at McDonald for lunch at about noon?" Randy said as he turned to face her.

"That sounds alright with me." Gina smiled his way "Randy do you regret what happened between us last night?"

"Not at all." Randy said sitting down on the bed beside her "Gina your everything i have ever wanted since Brooklyn's mom died."

"I love you Randy and i know this is all so sudden but i have fallen so hard for you and you have been here for me in so many ways" Gina told him.

"I would ask you to marry me but we've already made that step." Randy said causing her to laugh before she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled up for a kiss "I gotta go baby, see you on my lunch break."

Gina watched as Randy left the room and she lay back onto her pillow smiling, she could not believe she had fallen this hard for him so soon after loosing Austin. She knew in her heart Austin would have wanted her to move on with her life and be happy.

Randy was sitting inside Mcdonalds when he saw his mustang pull into the parking lot outside, he watched as Gina got out then got Brooklyn out of the car he could not help but smile and he still could not believe she was truly his.

"Hey baby." Gina said dropping a kiss on his lips after she has put Brooklyn's carrier into the booth "You already ordered?"

"Waiting for you honey." Randy smiled up at her "If you will sit here with Brooklyn i will order our food."

"I will order and you sit here with our daughter." Gina smiled at him "Want a big mac meal?"

"You guessed it." Randy said before he playfully smacked her on the butt.

"Oh you wanna get freaky huh?" Gina asked so only they could hear "You just wait til tonight."

"Damn me having to go back into work." Randy said feeling himself getting hard inside his jeans.

After Lunch Gina stood outside Randy's truck the driver side door open she kissed him long and hard making sure he knew that night he was in for something he would remember for the rest of his life.
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PostSubject: Re: Love Comes Softly   Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:57 pm

Gina was trying to figure dinner out when Randy came up behind her wrapping his arms around her stomach and kissing the back of her neck. "Don't worry about dinner baby, were going to karaoke tonight with my sister and her boyfriend." "Don't you think your going to get me up there to sing." Gina said as she turned to face him before her lips met his wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Honey you have a beautiful voice, i hear you singing to Brooklyn all the time." Randy said starring into her eyes making her want to melt in his arms "Come on baby, just one song i promise then i won't make you do it again if you don't want too."

"On one condition." Gina smiled up towards him her hands moving down to his ass "You got to get up there and sing too."

"Alright, doesn't bother me anyways. i get up there and sing all the time." Randy told her
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PostSubject: Re: Love Comes Softly   

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Love Comes Softly
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