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 Love Under A Southern Sky

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PostSubject: Love Under A Southern Sky   Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:52 pm

Gina starred up at the stars one hand resting on her 5 month pregnant stomach, she was still a kid herself at the age of 17. The sound of the driver side door to the Blazer sounded and Gina looked over at her boyfriend and father of her unborn child Rj as he got into the driver seat "I got your sprite honey." he said as he handed it to her before he took his hand in hers and raised it to his lips and kissed it.

Rj was 18 and just as scared of the decision to move Gina away from the town they had grew up in, when her parent's found out she was pregnant they took the news well but they were never fond of Gina dating him. He had made the decision to move her a hour away and show her parent's he could step up to the plate and be a man to their daughter and grandchild. Gina squeezed his hand knowing his thoughts were the same as hers but they would make it.

"We should be there soon honey." Rj told her, his uncle Jimmy had a rental house he was going to let them move into and stay there for $200 a month. The house was not much but it was 2 bedrooms and would be a roof over their heads.

"I know your just as scared as i am." Gina told him as she chewed on her bottom lip as she always did when she was nervous or scared.

"Your right baby i am, you could always read my mind" Rj told her as he steered the blazer onto the road pulling away from the connivance store "I got a job which i start first thing tomorrow morning and i have a house and our things are moved in already. were going to be alright baby."

Gina smiled over at Rj she loved just riding in the vehicle with him as watching as he drove, she watched as he leaned up and turned the radio up as their song came on the radio. Gina closed her eyes and listened as he sang along with Luke Bryan during "Drunk on you" so many nights they had lay in one anther's arms the song playing over and over. "I am going to find a job as soon as i have the baby and can go back to work." Gina told him as the song ended.

"Honey i don't want you worrying about anything alright?" Rj told her "Leave the worrying up to me because it will put you in stress and put stress on the baby."

Rj pulled into the driveway of a 2 bedroom brick home and looked over at his girlfriend he loved so much, their new life together was about to begin and there was no turning back now on his part. he got out of the car and ran around to the passenger side door and opened it for her. Gina wrapped her arms around his neck shutting the door with her foot her lips met his and they kissed under the stars "I love you so much Randy Joe" she said a smile on her face.

"I love you to Gina Marie Belcher." Rj told her, three days from then she would soon share his last name his mother agreeing to pay for them to be married at the court house. Rj lifted Gina into his arms and carried her into the house towards the room which would be the bedroom they shared together.

Two years had passed since the night Gina and Rj started a new life together they were still living in his uncle's house now joined by a beautiful daughter they had named Brianna Marie Smith. Rj still worked helping a friend of his uncles build houses and Gina was a nurse working the night shift and going to school to get herself certified as a RN. Life was not every girls dream but to Gina it could not get any better as she watched Brianna playing on a blanket not far from her as she set on the front porch steps.

Gina's eyes began to smile as she saw Rj's truck pull into the driveway getting off from work. she watched as he got out of the truck and ran over to where Brianna was playing he smiled down at his daughter who climbed into his lap and kissed his cheek saying the words Daddy Home. The sight made Gina so proud as she watched them he was such a loving husband and father. "How was your day honey?" Rj asked putting his full attention on her.

"Enjoyable." Gina told him as he walked towards her, she stood and he wrapped her in his arms they were just as much in love with one another then as they were when they first met.

"Come on baby i want to take you and Brianna on a drive." Rj told her as he slipped his hand in his and pulled her towards the ford mustang she called hers.

"Baby wouldn't you like to shower first?" Gina asked as he opened the passenger door for her, after 2 years of being married he still did those little things every woman dreams of her man doing.

"No, i want to take my wife and baby girl for a drive." Rj said before he leaned in to kiss her lips before going to get Brianna, locking up the house then putting Brianna in her car seat.

The drive was wonderful with the top down on the mustang and country music blaring through the speakers, Gina could not have asked for a better life than what she was living now til Rj pulled up to a newly built four bedroom home sitting not far from the lake.

"Wouldn't it be amazing to own a place like this?" Gina asked as Rj put the car in park.

"Well baby why don't you ask yourself that question?" Rj smiled then winked at her before holding out his hand inside it were two front door keys.

"How did you..." Gina said with a shocked expression on her face.

"Been paying the boss as much as i could towards this place for the past 5-6 months." Rj told her "I told him i wanted a better home for you and Brianna and he told me that would be our next side project."

"So this is our house?" Gina asked to make sure she stood corrected.

"Still paying for it, but yes baby this is our new home." Rj said as he opened the driver side door "Were moving everything in tomorrow."

Gina felt tears coming to her eyes as she wrapped her arms around her husbands neck, people told her they would never make it past a year of being married. Rj was far from being the one for her in their minds but in hers he was the only one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

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Love Under A Southern Sky
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